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Can I purchase FreshCut Paper in a store?

Our pop-up flower bouquets are sold throughout the United States. Please check out our store locator to find one near you!

Are the flowers printed on both sides?

Yes, the flowers are printed on both sides, and look great from all angles. The flowers are cut shorter in the front as in a typical bouquet, so you will see more blooms from the front. The Grand Bouquet is a symetrical arrangement.

Can I fold the product flat again?

Yes! All of our bouquets and wreaths can be flattened and stored in their original envelopes. Our Christmas Tree and Winter Tree can not be stored flat after they are assembled.

Do these require assembly?

Most of our products do not require any assembly. You will simply remove your bouquet or house plant from the envelope and give it a gentle squeeze to open. Each bouquet should come with these instructions. We also have bouquets, such as our Butterfl